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Pinkapalooza Ch. 1 pg. 2 by PrismWings
~+: Erzulie Linhua :+~ by creativeHellstorm
Pinkapalooza Ch. 1 pg. 1 by PrismWings
Growing Up by kirapants
Character Turnarounds and Refs
Just Being a Clown by IronScorpion
Mr. Misfortune by IronScorpion
Demise by GreenSpiralCat
Lucifer or Satan by GreenSpiralCat
Character Trades and Gifts
Black and White Contest by Clockphase
Derby Doo by xGI-Janiex
For Emily by Firaphrin
Michi Likey by Clockphase
Comic Pages and Previews
Pinkapalooza Ch. 1 pg. 1 by PrismWings
Pinkapalooza Ch. 1 pg. 2 by PrismWings
Who You Calling Small-Fry?! by IronScorpion
Tophats page 6 by xGI-Janiex
Anthology Covers
Megamoth Studio II by soojinp
MSI: Warriors of Artistry by soojinp
SEE YOU NEXT YEAR by soojinp
Character Memes
Alexxx 25 Facial Expressions by xGI-Janiex
Then And Now by IrishMoo
5 yr old Alex by Momji13
Caratacus - 25 Expressions by ethereel
Photos from Events
Me Gusta Dear Interweb Meme by KillingTheMadMan
Megamoth Booth by Firaphrin
Fanime '09--Select Cosplayers by megamoth
Fanime Projects
Immortal Rain - Let Me Rest by SEAT-BELT-rage
Megamoth Class Gang Reference by megamoth
Samurai Jack Cards Set 1 by SecondsWalker
In-Class Projects
Character expressions by DandyBlood
Fall 2010 Tandem Comic Jam 04 by MegamothClass
Fall 2010 Tandem Comic Jam 03 by MegamothClass
Fall 2010 Tandem Comic Jam 02 by MegamothClass
Sketches and Concept Samples
.+: Little Kid Love :+. by creativeHellstorm
Script and Story Samples


My Top Ten Tips for Starting a Webcomic
(aka "I Wish Someone Had Told Me This")
Are you thinking about starting a new creative endeavor that involves sequential art? Something you hope beyond family and friends will read? Have you thought about this project at all past the initial "can't wait to start working" phase?
Stop. Listen to what I am about to say. Many webcomic writers/artists make the same mistakes (myself included) by jumping straight to the "let's start drawing now" phase, bypassing the planning stage. Here are the most important items to consider before you even ink out the first strip:
Consider if there is a chance your comic will become printed. Not only do you need to consider its dpi (dots per inch), CMYK comes into play as well. It is much harder (sometimes impossible!) to retroactively make these changes instead of making the comic print-friendly beforehand. You can't enlarge a small comic that is built for the web without great quality re
:icongoldcoincomics:GoldCoinComics 1,159 92
Lackadaisy Construction by tracyjb Lackadaisy Construction :icontracyjb:tracyjb 13,506 621 TUTORIAL - How to make DOTS on Photoshop by Kaoyux TUTORIAL - How to make DOTS on Photoshop :iconkaoyux:Kaoyux 4,097 184
Writing for PROFIT
Writing for Profit
It's Not just an Adventure - It's a JOB.

Whoever told you that writing fiction for publication - for money - is supposed to be Artistic, Fun, or Easy -- LIED.
Writing may look artistic, and creative writing certainly is artistic (that's why they call it Creative Writing,) but writing for a living; writing for publication with the intent to get paid on a regular basis is NOT artistic, it's NOT always fun, and it certainly is NOT easy.
Writing for publication is WORK. Sure, some of it is fun, but the bulk of it is mind-bending, eye-straining work. Don't get me wrong, creativity is part of the job of writing for a living, but if you think us professional writers turn on "the Creative Muse" at 8 AM and shut her back off again at 5:30 PM then you are missing the point entirely.

The Road to publication is paved with glamorous Half-Truths.
• Half-Truth: "If you write it
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 318 273
The Character Arc
Advanced Plotting:

PLOT ARC: The events that happen while the characters make other plans.
CHARACTER ARC: The emotional roller-coaster that the character suffers while dealing with the Plot.
Understanding Plot
To make a story a cohesive whole, every single thing in it must be there for a reason. Every single character, object, location, and event must push toward the ending you have planned even if it doesn't look that way to the casual observer. In short, every scene in the story should either illustrate a characteristic attribute of a main Character or be an Event that makes your ending happen.
What the Character Arc does is map out the Emotional path your characters need to take to grow and change into the heroes and heroines your story needs to achieve your story's ending.
For the record, a Character Arc can be used all by itself as th
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 721 93
10 Second Tip - Foreshadowing
------Original Message------
I hear the term 'foreshadowing' a lot. That's when you hint at stuff to come, right? So yeah, but how do I DO it?
Foreshadowing is when the opening scene of a story is a kind of nutshell prophecy for the whole story.
* In a Horror, this is when the originating Bad Thing happens.
* In a Mystery or Crime story, it's when the first victim is slain, and/or object (McGuffin) goes missing.
* In a Romance this is where the main character meets their soon-to-be lover for a fleeting but memorable moment.
* In a Sci-fi, this is where the ruling Theory is presented.
* In a Gothic, this is where the main character transforms into a monster for the first time.
This also reveals the Premise, or ruling argument that the story is trying to illustrate; what the story is trying to Prove.
•  The results of Revenge
•  The path of Ambition
•  The reality of Love
•  The sacrifices one mak
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 550 87
Advanced CHARACTER Creation
Advanced CHARACTER Creation ~ for Fiction
Hero ~ Villain ~ Ally

There are three essential characters in every story. There may be any number of side characters, but in traditional Adventures, and Romances of every stripe (erotic or not,) the main conflict is usually, if not always, a TRIANGLE of complimentary opposites.
Translation: You could tell the whole story with ONLY these Three Characters; perhaps not with any real detail, but you could still do the entire basic plotline.
THREE Characters?

I'm sure you're familiar with the names Hero & Villain or Antagonist & Protagonist already. Those are pretty darn standard. However, always there, though seldom named is a Third character, the Ally -- the Companion to the Hero or Villain.
The Invisible Character: the Ally

The Ally's function is to be the Middle-Man, the nay-sayer that presents an opposing view t
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 991 147
Tricks for Writing DESCRIPTION
------------- Original Message -----------
"I think the biggest problem I have is lack of detail. I can see things in my head, but other than the general surroundings, I'm always too intent on what my characters are thinking, or doing, or about to do to remember to add the details necessary to paint a really clear picture of where they are and their environment." -- Wanna Rite Reel Gud
The way to deal with that is by writing what you can. When you're done, go back and put in all the rest. Also, in situations like this, a beta-reader is your best bet at seeing where you skipped something.
As for What to describe and How Much to describe…
Getting the IMAGE on Paper
Avoid Simple Nouns:
- Use a Specific Noun rather than a simple and vague noun to automatically pop in description.
Instead of: the door, the car, the tree, the house, the sword, the robe, the hat...  
Write: the French doors, the
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 689 130
Mature content
FEMALE Behavior for FICTION :iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 313 97
Your Character TOO Special?
Is your Special Character

Are you indulging in a few too many "special traits"? Is your story really an excuse to show off your Super Special Character? Are you committing a MARY-SUE/GARY STUE?
--> Dead give-away: Your favorite character is YOU only BETTER!
Who is Mary Sue/Gary Stue?
According to
"Mary Sue / Gary Stue is any original or deeply altered character who represents a slice of their creator's own ego; they are treasured by their creator but only rarely by anyone else. A Mary Sue/Gary Stue is a primadonna (usually, but not always badly-written,) who saps life and realism out of every other character around, taking over the plot and bending canon to serve their selfish purposes."
-- For more details:
The Mary Sue/Gary Stue "Self-Insertion" in Manga Fan-fiction:
According to A
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 516 82
Yaoi Writers: Are your Male Characters MASCULINE?
Yaoi Writers:
Is your favorite Yaoi character
YOU as a guy -- only BETTER?

Are you committing a MARY-SUE/Gary Stu?
According to
"The Mary Sue ... is the highest form of fannish devotion to a series. You like it so much you want to come play in it yourself. Most fan writers are content to do this by sneaking in under cover of one of the canon characters.

Slipping on my Hakkai mask, I jump in the jeep and set out for the west with Sanzou and the guyz, pretending all along that it's Hakkai telling the story I'm writing and not me at all..."
Except for one BIG problem...
-- Hakkai is a Guy, and he's showing Female Behavior -- not Male.  
A common error that every beginning Female writer makes is that they assume that their male character will feel and react in the
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 650 387
TAA LESSON 3 by heysawbones TAA LESSON 3 :iconheysawbones:heysawbones 771 58 UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE - 1 by heysawbones UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE - 1 :iconheysawbones:heysawbones 5,294 329
Propaganda - Enemy of Fiction
The Enemy of Good Fiction

Many people have asked me, "Why don't you watch TV anymore?"
I do, sort of. I play movies that I buy and rent on my TV regularly. However, I Don't watch cable TV or local TV, and I NEVER watch sitcoms or Reality TV of any kind. If I want the news, I go to the internet.
Why Not? Because there's too much Programming going on in those programs, and not one drop of Reality in Reality TV -- especially the Law & Order ones.
TV = The Tool of Propaganda
By Phil Cunningham

Posted WITH Permission.)
Propaganda and Advertising, affects us all. The two operate using the exact same techniques, so it can be very difficult to recognize one from the other. The only major difference between the two is that advertising sells Products, while propaganda sells IDEALS.
Increasingly, the corporate advertising of goods and services is being coupled with political, "moral", and religious value messages - Propaganda.
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 266 262
Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb Lackadaisy Expressions :icontracyjb:tracyjb 61,725 4,280



Group Info

Megamoth Class represents the after school classes taught by *megamoth and ~kyngdok which focus in the creation of original artwork in the form of comics, manga and illustration. Our variety of students share interests in comics and manga, as well as anime, fantasy, science fiction, martial arts, fine art and drama. Based in Northern California, the classes meet weekly and we often exhibit at California Bay Area conventions, such as WonderCon, Fanime and APE ( Alternative Press Expo ). Our group is mainly teachers and students, but friends of students are always welcome!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 10, 2010

North America

Group Focus
Art Creation

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75 Members
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Fanime is here! Since Emily and I will both be running Artist Alley tables, class will be closed for the duration of Fanime - May 23rd through May 27th. The Artist Alley folks have not yet confirmed our table numbers, but we should be able to announce them soon. Hope to see you there!
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